Kate Garraway's homeless show

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  • 3 September 2010
Kate Garraway

Kate Garraway

Kate Garraway is set to take part in new show 'Home Is Where The Heart Is', in which she will invite a homeless person into her house

Kate Garraway is to invite a homeless person into her house.

The 'GMTV' host will join fellow stars Anthea Turner, Liza Tarbuck, Danielle Lloyd and Fiona Phillips in new show 'Home Is Where The Heart Is', which sees the participants welcome someone less fortunate into their luxury properties and stay with them and their family for three weeks.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "This is something brand new. It really shines a spotlight on the problems we have in our society. All these celebrities live a good life packed full of fine food, comfy homes and top gadgets.

"Being so up close and personal with someone who has nothing to their name may also be a huge learning curve for our pampered personalities."

Each celebrity will be offered £20,000 to take part but will be encouraged to donate £5,000 to the homeless person they take into their house.

Bosses of the ITV show have agreed the homeless people will undergo psychiatric tests while the stars will be given the opportunity of round-the-clock security and filming is set to start later this year.


1. rgirl3 Sep 2010, 3:55pm Report

Is this a joke?

What kind of sick idiot would invite a homeless person into their wealthy home and get paid for the 'inconvenience'? I think the homeless person ought to be paid for having to stay 5 minutes with these ignoramuses. Plus, what kind of message does this give out to society- I thought we had moved on from the concept of 'the greatful poor'. ITV ought to be ashamed.

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