Anthony Hutton and Makosi reunited

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  • 2 September 2010
Anthony Hutton and Makosi

Anthony Hutton and Makosi

Anthony Hutton entered 'Ultimate Big Brother' today (02.09.10) and was reunited with his former love interest Makosi, who claimed they once had sex in the hot tub of the compound during series six of the show

Anthony Hutton has entered 'Ultimate Big Brother' to be reunited with Makosi.

The Geordie winner of series six entered the compound this afternoon (02.09.10) to shock his former love interest - who claimed she had sex with him during an infamous night together in the swimming pool and demanded a pregnancy test a few days later - as part of a twist arranged by Big Brother.

As they discussed the incident in the garden today, Anthony refuted again that they had ever had sex, and eventually Makosi admitted she had lied.

She said: "I'm really glad we didn't have sex. I'm glad we've cleared the air now."

The pair - whose friendship became strained after Makosi's sex claim - seemed to enjoy their time together today and even joked that they should have settled down and raised a family together.

Anthony joked: "You get pregnant quite easily."

Makosi is not the only housemate to have had an emotional greeting today.

Ulrika spotted an airplane flying overhead with a secret message from her family, telling them they loved her.

It read, "VI ALSKAR DIG ULRIKA - BCM&M", which translated to "We love you Ulrika."

An emotional Ulrika told the group she believed her husband had organised the banner, and it was signed off with the initials of her four children.

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