UBB housemates' plate-smashing terror

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  • 2 September 2010
Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling terrified of Ahmed

'Ultimate Big Brother' housemates shrieked in terror as BB5's Ahmed burst into the house last night (01.09.10) to recreate his famous plate smashing moment

'Big Brother 5' housemate Ahmed entered the 'Ultimate Big Brother' house last night (01.09.10) to recreate his famous plate-smashing moment.

The unsuspecting housemates were in the kitchen when a high-pitched alarm sounded and the ex-contestant appeared at the store room doorway with a pile of plates.

Many of the housemates shrieked with terror, and Brian jumped onto the table in fear.

The Somalian then went into the garden where he hurled plates on the ground, mimicking the outburst he had after becoming enraged with the incessant wake-up alarms during his time in the house.

Afterwards, Victor said it was "good" to see him and he embraced Makosi and Nadia before he left the house after an hour.

Nick and Ulrika later performed Lionel Richie and Diana Ross's 'Endless Love', recreating the moment the blonde TV star sang it with Verne Troyer in 'Celebrity Big Brother 6'.

To the other housemates' surprise, the pair managed to pull off an entertaining performance after an afternoon of fraught rehearsals.

Makosi, meanwhile, was given a one-hour task to make herself as unpopular as possible with her housemates.

After leaving the Diary Room, she attempted to upset her pals Nadia and Michelle by accusing them of "b****ing" about her.

But because Big Brother had secretly let the housemates in on the task and told them to be extra nice to her, Michelle said she "loved" and respected Makosi's honesty.

The fiery contestant then moaned to Chantelle and Brian about Preston for only talking about "music and TV". Preston promised to stop, while Nikki joined in the compliments adding: "Makosi is really good at pin-pointing stuff like that."

Makosi was later heard moaning in the Diary Room that she had failed the task.

As part of their ongoing 'Retrospective' shopping task - where they will recreate some significant moments from 'Big Brother's history - the housemates have also joked that they will be asked to recreate 'Big Brother 5's 'Fight Night', when Emma attacked Victor and the live feed was cut.

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