Sunita Alahan's twin trauma

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  • 2 September 2010
Shobna Gulati

Coronation Street actress Shobna Gulati

'Coronation Street' character Sunita Alahan is left devastated when her children are taken away from her by social services, when one of the tots suffers a bang to the head

Sunita Alahan is left devastated when social services take away her children.

The 'Coronation Street' character - who has young twins Aadi and Asha with her husband Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) - will see her family torn apart after the tots get taken into care when one of them suffers a head injury whilst being looked after by Claire Peacock (Julia Haworth).

As Aadi recovers, social services start looking at the family to see if the tots are in any danger and put them in care whilst they investigate.

Actress Shobna Gulati explained: "She accepts that social services do what they do in order to protect children. At the end of the day, she knows that she and Dev have done nothing wrong, so she puts her faith in the system and hopes everything will turn out OK in the end."

However, as authorities have a nose around their private lives, Dev gets frustrated at being parted from the kids and lashes out.

Shobna explained to Inside Soap magazine: "It's too much for the pair of them to take in. Dev's violently opposed to what's happening, as he can't get his head around the situation, but by behaving like that, he feeds the suspicions of the social workers. It's Sunita who's left to pick up the pieces. This is devastating, but she knows she has to stay strong to keep her family from falling apart forever."

However, in a fortunate twist, Peter Barlow's son Simon - who was also being looked after by Claire at the time - admitted to pushing Aadi over, causing the bump to his head.

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