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  • 1 September 2010
New UBB housemate Michelle

New UBB housemate Michelle

'Ultimate Big Brother' contestants must relive significant moments from 'Big Brother' history in order to receive a luxury shopping budget in this week's shopping task

Housemates have been asked to relive significant moments from 'Big Brother' history for this week's shopping task.

The contestants on 'Ultimate Big Brother' can incur no more than four fails as they replicate famous tasks from the past over the next three days in order to receive a luxury shopping budget.

Although Makosi - who was given the secret mission on 'Big Brother 6' of trying to gain the most nominations - was worried she would be asked to recreate the infamous incident where she claimed to have sex with eventual winner Anthony Hutton, she has instead been instructed to try to become the most unpopular housemate.

However, in a twist, housemates have been informed of Makosi's challenge and told to thwart it and assure her of her popularity.

On 'Celebrity Big Brother 4', Preston took part in a task in which he tested whether liquor chocolates could make him drunk. His task in the house this time will be to eat the same 48 liquor chocolates without being sick.

Tonight (01.09.10), Ulrika and Nick will recreate her 'Endless Love' duet with Verne Troyer and attempt to receive more than the 81,483 website hits the original video of the song received.

Nick, Nadia, Chantelle, Brian, Nikki and Michelle will all be given their challenges over the next two days.

This task will take place over three days, culminating in a performance of 'Pie Jesu' by Michelle on the live show in front of the eviction crowd on Friday (03.09.10).

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