Ben Collins is The Stig

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  • 1 September 2010
The Stig named?

The Stig

American Speedway driver Ben Collins has had his identity as The Stig revealed, after the BBC failed to get a temporary injunction granted against him

Ben Collins has been confirmed as The Stig.

The American Speedway driver have been named as the silent character from 'Top Gear' - who is known for wearing a white racing suit and helmet - after the High Court in London refused to allow the BBC to block the publication of his autobiography.

The 35-year-old Bristol-based stuntman - who once appeared in James Bond movie 'Quantum of Solace' - appeared in court as the TV network attempted to have a temporary injunction granted against him, to stop him from releasing the book which would also reveal his identity.

Mr. Justice Morgan spent over a day hearing legal submissions from both sides, before he came to his decision to allow the book to be published through publishers HarperCollins.

Solicitor Robin Shaw said: "The judge has said he is not going to grant an injunction in this case. Reasons are to follow and will be given in a private judgment."

A spokesperson for the BBC has said they would continue to pursue the matter.

Last month, it was reported that Ben was the secret figure after his company Collins Autosport published accounts stating they had received payments from the BBC since 2003 - when the second Stig started work on the show.

The first Stig, Perry McCarthy, was dropped from the programme in 2003 when his identity was unveiled.

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