Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides (4 stars)

Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides

Manchester-based spectralist duo Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides made the most of their weekend away-day in Edinburgh to show off the full range of their avant-primitivist activity. At Leith Dockers, flautist Kelly-Jayne Jones and drummer Pascal Nichols headlined a packed programme organised under the Bandita Trails banner. Even in the spit n’ sawdust temple of a working man’s club, Nichols’ busy martial clatter and Jones echo-treated trills produce a sacred and dramatic series of sound poems that sound like the soundtrack to some Zen dream of Shangri-la.

The next night at the artist-run SunBear Gallery, while Nichols gave percussive ballast to the hiss and miss detritus of Edinburgh duo Usurper’s increasingly comedic deconstructed sound cartoons in this Winners Don’t Shiver promotion, Jones teamed up with Helhesten clarinetist Hannah Ellul as White Death. With an at times eye-wateringly overpowering whiff of incense billowing from the centre of the room, Jones’ gossamer-light meditations and Ellul’s dark rumblings criss-cross mid-air to make an appositely English form of chamber improv that soars into the ether.

Leith Dockers Club, Edinburgh, Sun 22 Aug
White Death - SunBear Gallery, Edinburgh, Mon 23 Aug

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