A Wee Jaunt (5 stars)

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  • 1 September 2010
A Wee Jaunt

One day musical tour

Ten artists, over nine hours, in six locations; ‘Hello “Wee Jaunt”, you might want to rethink your name’ Starting at 3pm, Detour organisers explain the plan. ‘It’s basically a mystery tour,’ David Weaver shouts. The premise is simple; they go, you follow. First stop is the Dixon House, where three-piece noise-masters Carnivores are on the stairwell; bass on first floor, drums on second, guitar and vocals on third with the audience mixed in. Two words. A Mazing.

Next, the Arches, for Ryan Burns of the Seventeenth Century; pop-folk at its most friendly and with bags of heart, and The Parsonage Choir, probably the weakest part of the day; just a little too wet and they drag on a bit. After Urban Outfitters for the riff-tastic Holy Mountain, RM Hubbert follows on the steps of the old Avalanche. A real highlight; he’s understated and modest with his talent.

A bus trip to Rouken Glen Park follows, and Ross Clarke plays songs while standing in a stream. Brilliantly engaging, Clarke’s voice, possessing a depth beyond his years, holds the audience captive. This, with trickling water creating a natural backing track, makes for one of the best live performances I’ve seen in a long while.

After Ariels Up (beautiful ditties under a midgie-infested tree), and Make Sparks (covering Eminem’s ‘Without Me’), we head to Bloc, where Blochestra perform. This collective meet once a week to jam out pop hits, and their covers of Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’ make everyone giddy with joy. Always excellent, Other People play at midnight, with quirky vocals and punchy guitars. A truly spectacular day, the Wee Jaunt really have created a whole new world in music events.

Various venues, Sun 22 Aug

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