Exposure: iamamiwhoami

Exposure: iamamiwhoami

Last December iamamiwhoami posted a video on YouTube which quickly spread virally. This, and twelve subsequent videos feature a woman interacting with trees in a manner which would raise the neck hairs of a tree fetishist. The music is a dreamy cinematic electro – think Roisin Murphy meets Liz Fraser meets Kate Bush. Kinda.

Iamam…who are they exactly?
There were thoughts that it was Christina Aguilera (really?); Bjork; Swedish electropop duo The Knife – there’s definitely a Nordic vibe – and suggestions it was Alison Goldfrapp. It’s now accepted that the woman in question is Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee (although her management company deny her involvement). The producers remain unknown, as do those behind the stunning videos which echo a cross between David Lynch and a particularly dark Tim Burton in their levels of surreality.

I’m totally confused.
A Wikipedia entry gives a detailed description of the project so far. Visit iamamiwhoami’s YouTube channel and see if you can resist being utterly enchanted while a little freaked out. The latest video (‘y’) was posted three weeks ago amid speculation as to whether more will follow, what it all means, and who exactly is behind it.