Robyn - Body Talk Pt 2 (3 stars)

Robyn - Body Talk Pt 2


This is cosmic. No, this is literally cosmic. ‘In My Eyes’, the opening track from Robyn’s second of three albums this year, is all zooming synth-riffs and meteoric ‘Invisible Touch’ (hello, Genesis!) drum-machine patterns. ‘Hey little star, don’t be afraid’, serenades our heroine – and lo, her melodic electropop could soothe the very universe itself.

This intro eclipses the rest of the record, but the clarion chorus on ‘U Should Know Better’ (feat. Snoop Dogg), and the ‘acoustic’ denouement of ‘Indestructible’ (no guitars here thanks, just a string quartet) suggest Robyn still has plenty of tricks – and treats – tucked up her heart-embellished sleeve.

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