Crystal Fighters - Star Of Love (4 stars)

Crystal Fighters - Star Of Love

(Zirkulo Records)

Think Gaga’s a tad eccentric? Then try Crystal Fighters for size. This East London quintet named themselves after an unfinished opera written by singer Laure’s grandfather during his descent into insanity, and now pride themselves on mixing thumping electro, euphoric pop and scuzzy punk with traditional Basque folk.

Thankfully they have an abundance of killer tunes to back up a career conjured from oddities and myth-making. Star Of Love’s eleven tracks are as warm, sumptuously produced and thought-provoking as they are super infectious; as traditional wooden txalapartas, tabor drums and txistu flutes combine with synths, beats, scuzzy riffs and existential subject matter. It’s dance music, yes, but not as we know it …

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