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  • 31 August 2010
UBB housemates learn how to twirl batons

UBB housemates learn how to twirl batons

The 'Ultimate Big Brother' housemates have been forced to learn how to twirl batons for their latest task

'Ultimate Big Brother' housemates have been set their latest task - to learn how to twirl batons.

The group will have to master a routine to Lady Gaga's track 'Bad Romance' ahead of a performance this evening, where they will twist and twirl their dance sticks in time to the music.

Reading the task instructions to the group, Ulrika said: "For today's task housemates will become baton twirlers. Housemates will learn and perform a routine to 'Bad Romance' by Lady GaGa."

The routine must be performed to an "acceptable standard", with one contestant overseeing the routine as choreographer and another as troupe leader.

Brian was originally given the task of teaching the routine to his fellow housemates, and Chantelle - who used to be a majorette when she was younger - was to learn special moves to perform as leader.

However, Nikki - who took part in the original task back in 'Big Brother 7' - wanted to have a bigger role in the challenge and quickly replaced Brian as routine coordinator.

The group have had a hectic few hours in the compound, as they prepare for a double eviction on Friday (03.08.10).

Busty Chantelle, former housemate Makosi, previous winner Nadia, 'Nasty' Nick, Nikki and Ulrika all face the public boot during the live show.

It is not known if contestants will compete in a 'Save and Replace' task or not.

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