Julie Hesmondhalgh loves frumpy Hayley

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  • 31 August 2010
Julie Hesmondhalgh

Julie Hesmondhalgh

'Coronation Street' actress Julie Hesmondhalgh admits she loves her alter-ego Hayley Cropper's frumpy sense of style, and wouldn't ever want to change her wardrobe

Julie Hesmondhalgh loves Hayley's frumpy style.

The 40-year-old actress - who plays transsexual Hayley Cropper in 'Coronation Street' - admits she would never get rid of her alter-ego's shapeless anorak or unfashionable selection of clothes.

She said: "Every now and then the costume designer comes to me and says, 'We've got to get rid of the anorak' and I'm like, 'Never! It's iconic!' I love the shapelessness of it. It's no friend to the womanly figure."

The funny actress also admitted her own mother prefers her wearing Hayley's old-fashioned clothes than her own wardrobe.

The actress - who covers her cropped blonde hair with a brown wig while filming - said: "Mum loves Hayley's coat and her Marks and Spencer blouses and skirts. I'm such a disappointment to her in real life!"

Julie - who has eight-year-old daughter Martha Mo with her husband Ian Kershaw - also admitted she is delighted she doesn't have to film love scenes.

She said: "God, I'd hate that. One of the things I'm grateful for in life is that they didn't make me gorgeous, so I don't have to snog lots of gorgeous men. It would kill me to have to do that. I'd be so stressed my hair would fall out. A nice little chaste kiss on the cheek from Roy suits me absolutely fine!"

Julie's transsexual character Hayley is set to marry her long-term love Roy Cropper in the ITV soap as part of the show's 50th anniversary celebrations.

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