Katie Price for Five?

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  • 31 August 2010
Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price may be bought out of her contract with Living TV by new Channel Five boss Richard Desmond, who is keen to ''re-launch the channel with a bang''

Katie Price is being offered £10 million to join Channel Five.

The busty model has signed on to create a series for Living TV after quitting ITV2, but Channel Five's new boss Richard Desmond is reported to be so keen to sign Katie up he is willing to buy her out of her current contract.

A source said: "Money is no object for Richard and he thinks Katie would be the perfect person to help kick start Channel Five in a new era. It's vital he re-launches the channel with a bang."

Katie recently signed a two-year, £3 million deal with Living TV, where she has starred in a new series of 'What Katie Did Next' and is also due to appear in other shows including one about ghosts and another on horses.

The 32-year-old media personality recently revealed she had a top secret programme coming out which would not be a reality TV show.

She told BANG Showbiz: "Just wait until you see what I'm doing next year, it's right up my street. I've been wanting to do it for five years, this programme. It will be very entertaining, let's put it that way. And it's not reality. Even though I'll still be doing two reality shows a year, my next project isn't reality."

Katie Price

Katie Price discusses her life story and performs her brand new single, 'I Got U'.

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