N-Dubz' furious rows

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 August 2010
N-Dubz Dappy (left)


N-Dubz star Tulisa Constotavlos admits she and her bandmate Dappy - who is her cousin - clash constantly, but soon forget their differences

Tulisa Constotavlos punches her bandmate in the face.

The N-Dubz star admits she and Dappy - who is her cousin - constantly clash, but their rows are quickly forgotten.

She said: "We were a lot closer growing up. We used to follow each other everywhere. Even then he was an a*shole.

"But now we have a love/hate relationship. We physically kill each other. We say things you wouldn't say to your worst enemy. We can punch each other in the face and the next day we'll be fine."

The pair most recently clashed when choosing backing dancers for their forthcoming tour, but Tulisa insists she came out on top.

She explained: "I strop over things that need stropping about. Like yesterday, with Dappy, when we were choosing dancers for the tour. I wasn't having him choosing women just so he can sh*g them. We're choosing them because they're dancers.

"I always win. I'm the mother hen."

Despite the friction in the group - which also includes Fazer - Tulisa believes they can continue for another 30 years.

She added: "It's mental torture but I could survive it for another 30 years. Easy!

"At least Dappy's hats would suit him. No one could diss him anymore because he'd be wearing a little granddad hat. That would be funny."

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