Steph Cunningham cancels wedding over cancer

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 August 2010
Hollyoaks actress Carley Stenson

Hollyoaks actress Carly Stenson

'Hollyoaks' character Steph Cunningham is set to cancel her wedding to her fiance Gilly Roach because he is unable to get his head around her battle with terminal cervical cancer

Steph Cunningham cancels her wedding to Gilly Roach during her cancer battle.

The wannabe actress - who has been played by actress Carly Stenson since 2000 - calls off her upcoming nuptials to her fiance Gilly, when he refuses to believe her cervical cancer is terminal.

Actor Anthony Quinlan, who plays Gilly, revealed: "His denial is not helping her. She's tying to take this in her stride and wants to spend quality time with the people she loves before she goes. She tells him he has to accept she's going to die or the wedding is off. and she hands back her engagement ring."

The hapless handyman even refuses to tell his best friend Rhys Ashworth (Andrew Moss) what is happening to Steph, as he tries to come to terms with her illness.

He said: "Gilly's heartbroken the wedding's off and Rhys tries to find out what's wrong but Gilly won't share.

"Rhys is shocked to find out she's dying and has called off the wedding. But then he shocks her by saying if she can't see things from Gilly's point of view then maybe it's just as well. He knows Steph still loves Gilly and tells her she shouldn't waste any more of the time they have left together."

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