A Wee Jaunt

A Wee Jaunt

Glasgow, Sun 22 Aug 2010

Ten bands and solo artists, spread over nine hours, in six different locations; ‘Hello Wee Jaunt, you might want to rethink your name?’

Starting at 3pm in St Enoch Square, Detour organisers Ally McCrae and David Weaver kicked off the event with a quick speech explaining the plan for the day. 'It’s basically a mystery tour,' Weaver shouts. The premise is simple; they go, you follow.

First stop is the Dixon House, just two minutes walk from St Enoch square, where three-piece noise-masters Carnivores are set up over three floors of the stairwell; bass on first floor, drums on second, guitar and vocals on third, with the audience mixed in.

Two words. A Mazing.

Next up we toot along to the Arches where we we’re treated to a couple of songs from Ryan Burns of the Seventeenth Century. His solo efforts are less polished than his band’s but are still hugely enjoyable, and he’s endearing and likeable. It's pop-folk at its most friendly and with bags of heart.

The Parsonage Choir are up next, set up in one of the cavernous rooms in the Arches. Probably the weakest part of the day, The Parsonage are just a little too wet and they drag on a bit.

Luckily it picks up from there as we head up to Urban Outfitters to watch the riff-tastic Holy Mountain. It’s pretty disjointed visually; manly men in vests rocking out alongside overpriced geek-chic shirts. It works though, and everyone leaves happy.

RM Hubbert follows on the steps of the old Avalanche. This is a real highlight, he’s understated and modest with his talent. Playing a song he wrote for a girl he was ‘very much in love with,’ he holds the audience captive with his acoustic instrumental loveliness; like Bon Iver without vocals.

A bus trip is next on the cards, taking us to Rouken Glen Park where after a spot of Zorbing (look that one up folks), we’re led through the woods to watch Ross Clarke play some songs while standing in a stream.

Clarke really is a brilliantly engaging musician, his voice, possessing more depth than his years, holds the audience captive. This, along with the trickling water somehow keeping tempo and creating a natural backing track, makes it one of the best live performances I’ve seen in a long while.

Next, Aerials Up perform a couple of beautiful ditties under a massive midgie infested tree and then we move on to watch Make Sparks round up the Rouken Glen part of the Jaunt with an amazingly ridiculous cover of Eminem’s ‘Without Me’.

Back on the bus we head to Bloc where Blochestra perform. A house band with a difference, this collective meet up once a week to jam out pop hits. An amazing cover of Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’ and Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’ ensue, making everyone giddy with joy.

Lastly Other People were on at midnight. Always excellent, this band are becoming a firm favourite in the Glasgow music scene with their quirky vocal style and punchy guitars.

All in all, this was probably the most exciting and engaging music event I've ever been to. There's nothing else like it and it's arranged by Scottish promoters for Scottish bands, truly amazing. A truly spectacular day, the Wee Jaunt really have created a whole new world in music events.

You can watch a video of the first Wee Jaunt here - http://vimeo.com/13397259


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