Blink 182 (4 stars)

Blink 182

SECC, Glasgow, Tue 17 Aug 2010

Tonight is the biggest family reunion Glasgow – nay, Scotland – has seen in years. The SECC is a jamboree of pop-punk fans, new and old, slanted baseball caps and alternative footwear as Blink-182 return from a five year ‘indefinite hiatus’, the crowd positively foaming at mouths to see their idols.

Support act and muchly-tipped Scots Twin Atlantic bear the brunt much of this exuberance however, and despite receiving a decent reception on what could have been a tough night, there is one thorny dissenter on the receiving end of a verbal dressing-down from self-confessed Blink-182 fan and TA frontman Sam McTrusty.

It is an ‘ooh…ahh’ moment of tension, but a fleeting moment that is instantly shot into smithereens when Blink-182 appear from behind the-biggest-black-curtain-in-the-world with ‘Dumpweed’, the opening cut from their seminal, teenage-bible Enema Of The State. It’s all about the hits tonight, with tracks like ‘First Date’, ‘The Rock Show’ and ‘All The Small Things eliciting Tigger-on-drugs style bouncing, from crowd – and band.

For all malign about this band’s lack of musicianship, drummer Travis Barker is a dynamic force throughout, returning after a wearingly long encore wait with a groove-based drum solo – and his 360 degrees rotating drum riser snake charms mobile phones out of pockets and into the air; a sure-fire YouTube hit in the morning.

The decision of how to close the night is an easy choice. ‘Dammit’, their age-old, high jinx punk-popper, sends home the thousands with heads bobbing in deliriousness. The track ends with the repeated refrain of ‘Well I guess this is growing up’ – and five years since their last outing for these three men - despite growing lines on their foreheads and watching their hairlines recede – growing up has never quite been so fun.


American pop punk masters who, despite the juvenile approach, have become elder statesmen of the scene, helping many a now grown-up musician through the teenage years. Now featuring Matt Skiba after Tom DeLonge's departure.

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