Josie quits Ultimate Big Brother

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  • 26 August 2010
Josie and John James reunited

Josie and John James reunited

Bubbly Bristolian Josie has quit 'Ultimate Big Brother' and was reunited with her lover John James, just two days after winning series 11

Josie has quit 'Ultimate Big Brother'.

The bubbly Bristolian - who won series 11 of 'Big Brother' on Tuesday (24.08.10) with a huge 77.5 per cent of votes - walked out of the compound this afternoon through the fire escape in the garden, after admitting she found living with her new housemates overwhelming.

The pretty blonde kept telling her celebrity roommates how much she missed her old contestants, in particular her house boyfriend John James.

However, Josie's unplanned departure seemingly had the dream result - as she bumped into the Australian hunk in the car park next to the compound moments after leaving.

Still wearing her microphone, Josie was heard telling him: "Thank god you were here when I came out!"

He answered: "You're so stupid! I love you so much!"

John James had been at the Elstree Studios - where the show is filmed - to record a message of support for the object of his affections.

He asked her: "Did you go out the same fire exit?"

She replied: "Yes. I just thought f**k this, it's not worth it."

After the pair kissed and hugged, Josie was heard apologising to show producers for walking out.

She said: "I'm so sorry guys. They're all really nice people don't get me wrong, I'm normal I'm not a celebrity I'm not like that. I couldn't handle it no more."

'Big Brother 2' winner Brian was the first to notice the busty blonde was missing, and lead their housemates into the garden to try and call her back - but she had already gone.

Josie threatened to quit the show last night (25.08.10), telling Big Brother she felt out of place being surrounded by her celebrity roommates.

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