The Diary of a Sentimental Killer (4 stars)

The Diary of a Sentimental Killer

The setting is simple: one man, one chair and one extraordinary story to be told. In the close nit environment of the small venue it is not difficult to become engrossed in the poetic retelling of life as an international hit man. Nearing the end of a working life spent adhering to the strict rules of his profession; this man is somewhat confused when emerging from year’s solitude and confinement. A little prematurely, our man the hit man finds the seductive life he could be having with his ‘little French Fox’ more alluring than that which he is currently occupying.

The script is littered with metaphor and euphemism which more than account for the lack of physical props, with the dulcet tone and seductive accent of the actor, Gianpiero Borgia, providing the perfect materials for the audience to picture the scene themselves, with lines such as 'that’s how a cold 38 barks' bringing a poignant, unforgettable image to mind. The character is clearly caught in limbo between the professionalism his job demands and the desire to be with his true love, the second character whom he sees in the mirror reminds him of which direction he should focus his attention. It is a complex and compelling situation for this 'killer with a Mrs'.

Pleasance Courtyard; 2pm.

The Diary of a Sentimental Killer

  • 4 stars

Is there a more positive value than professionalism? A murderer is in crisis. His perspective is a boring and lonely retirement, but the killer, a great professional, will find a way to revive brilliantly. Ages: U

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