Take the Mic competition final 2010

Take the Mic competition final 2010

'Homeless Bee Gee' John Scott win £12,000 cash prize

Described by one comedian as a cross between a POW camp and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Edinburgh’s Caledonian Brewery played host on Sunday to the grand final of this year’s Take the Mic competition (also sponsored by The Scottish Sun). Hosted by the feisty Des McLean (as capable of handling a heckler as you could ever wish), six finalists took turns to take the stage and impress an array of judges and a house full of rambunctious punters, the result of a mammoth 200+ auditions.

Irish absurdist Pearse O’Halloran was a rather acquired taste, leaving some sections of the crowd bewildered before sketch group How Do I Get Up There? breathlessly showed how to perform exceptional skits in record time. Deadpan Aberdonian Gus Tawse’s near-the-knuckle observations pushed the crowd about as far as they’d go before matey Mickey Adams displayed a routine (and visage) well beyond his 22 years; if there was a newcomer award this youngster would have walked it. Next, Stand Comedy Club veteran Scott Agnew demonstrated his well-honed room control and assured delivery, ending with possibly the best gag ever to feature an umlaut.

But it was 40-year-old John Scott who took the £12,000 top prize. Describing himself as a “homeless Bee Gee”, he confidently told hilarious tales of class-based woe. Nothing missed the mark in a superb set where every story was expertly crafted before being subverted with a killer punch line. After practicing comedy for five arduous years, expect to see his name somewhere big very soon.

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