Brian Dowling wants BB closure

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  • 26 August 2010
Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling had mixed feelings about appearing on 'Ultimate Big Brother' because he feared it could ruin his reputation

Brian Dowling thinks 'Ultimate Big Brother' will give him "closure".

The 'Big Brother 2' winner fears appearing on the new show, which features ex-housemates, will ruin his reputation, comparing it with how the late Jade Goody was treated when she starred in 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2007, five years after she achieved fame by appearing on the original show.

Speaking before entering the house this week, he said: "I'd like to go back in because I think I'd get closure, but then part of me doesn't want to because of the Jade Goody thing - there's that fear of it going wrong.

"I'm not the same person I was when I won. I'm probably not as nice or tolerant. I wouldn't want to muck it up for myself."

Brian also chose the housemates he would least like to find himself back in the house with - and three of them are also competing on 'Ultimate Big Brother'.

He told new! magazine: "Who would I rather not be in the house with? I'd probably kill Nikki and Nadia, and Pete Burns would terrify me.

"My worst nightmare would be John McCririck."

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