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  • 26 August 2010
Shirlena Johnson

Shirlena Johnson

'The X Factor' hopeful Shirlena Johnson has begged TV bosses to put her back on the show, saying she can handle the pressure of fame

'The X Factor' hopeful Shirlena Johnson has begged TV bosses to put her back on the show.

The 30-year-old singer - who was axed from the reality show over her mental health issues - claims she can handle the pressure of fame and wants a second chance in the competition because she is desperate to give her daughter a better life.

Shirlena said: "I'm devastated about leaving and I would do anything to get back in. This decision could spoil my life and desires - I'm now labelled as a crazy person.

"They're worried I can't cope, but this has been the craziest week of my life and I'm still standing. I'm still trying to turn this around - I'm begging them to give me another chance."

Shirlena was called in by 'The X Factor' producers on Tuesday who "terminated" her appearance on the show.

They told her they had no choice after her doctor's notes revealed she had a string of mental health issues and had been described by medical professionals as a "ticking timebomb".

The singer had made it through to the judges' house stage of the show after her bizarre rendition of Duffy's song 'Mercy'.

The single mum-of-one was so determined to secure a place in the final she had already packed her suitcase, written a batch of new songs and worked out eccentric dance routines.

Shirlena - who admits to being on daily medication for stress - is now so desperate to fulfil her dreams she is willing to undergo psychological tests to prove she can cope.

She added to Britain's The Sun newspaper: "They told me their doctor said I couldn't do it on my doctor's advice. But why won't they see me for themselves?

"I think I've reached out to a lot of people and inspired them. If I'm wacky, it worked. I'm saying, 'Give people who are wacky a chance'."

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