Patti Clarke's Corrie obsession

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  • 26 August 2010
Patti Clarke

Patti Clarke

Actress Patti Clarke landed the role of mad Mary Taylor in 'Coronation Street' after writing unrelenting begging letters to its casting director

Patti Clarke landed a role in 'Coronation Street' after writing begging letters to its casting director.

The actress - who plays mad Mary Taylor in the ITV1 soap - was so obsessed with starring in her favourite soap she sent bosses a script where a new character, played by her, made an appearance in the Rover's Return pub.

But despite a string of rejection letters - the then-struggling actress kept sending back more ideas.

She said: "I used to write and write to the casting director asking for a job and he'd write back saying, 'Nothing going at the moment'. I could really see myself in 'Corrie' and was very persistent.

"So I wrote him a scene making up a character for myself called Cherise, who was to be Raquel's half-sister. She sat in the bar and didn't say anything and wore glasses and was quite dowdy and then Raquel gives her a make-over.

"I thought it was brilliant, but he wrote back and said, 'No, no, no, no, no, it's not going to happen.' "

However, when Patti was working as an office receptionist in 2008, she was finally offered a job on the show.

She told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I was told I had to take a gamble for a year and turn theatre work down and sit it out. It was terrible. I didn't do any acting for nine months so I worked in an office and the job came in the September."

Patti joined the soap initially for just five episodes as competition winner Mary who had an unrequited crush on newsagent Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden).

But after becoming a hit with viewers Manchester-born Patti is now a regular on the soap.

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