Larrikin Love - album review (2 stars)

Larrikin Love

The Freedom Spark (Infectious Records)


Spawned from the waste The Libertines left in their wake, London four-piece Larrikin Love have taken their dreams of the good ship Albion and sailed into muddy waters. Where songs like ‘Happy as Annie’ are tinged with a charming gypsy-punk twang, much of The Freedom Spark’s youthful romanticism rings less of Rimbaud and more of sixth year poetry book scribblings. Frontman Edward Larrikin’s laments of ‘England Has Nothing More to Offer Me’ in ‘Downing Street Kindling’ are diluted by over production, and what won them affection for their live performances is lost in a hollow dirge. Brimming with good intentions, it seems they have tried to speak for their generation a tad too soon.

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