Josie wins Big Brother 2010

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 August 2010


Josie has won the final ever series of 'Big Brother', after scooping over 77.5 per cent of votes during the live final tonight (24.08.10)

Josie has won the final series of 'Big Brother' - with 77.5 per cent of votes.

The busty blonde sales rep - who had been the favourite to win the reality show for several weeks - has beaten Christian minister Dave to the coveted title as the winner of the £100,000 prize funds with an enormous number of votes from the general public tonight (24.08.10).

The ditzy housemate left the compound puffing into a paper bag to stop her from hyperventilating, before running down the stairs to greet host Davina barefoot, and being reunited by her house boyfriend John James - who was evicted on Friday (20.08.10).

Discussing what first attracted her to the Australian hunk, she said: "Well he looks really, really, really handsome in a football kit. I like your hair John!

"I'm a randy mare! That's all I can say. But he's super handsome, isn't he! Bit out of my league really isn't he. But out of my league, I think."

When Davina answered that he was the "luckiest man alive", Josie shrieked into the audience "did you hear that, John!"

Josie went on to explain what she would do with her winnings, donating some to children's charity Click, and also to pay for a new pair of legs for their former housemate Steve - who lost his limbs in Northern Ireland in a bomb blast in the 80s.

She said: "My charity is Click so I always said I'd give some to them. If the government don't pull their finger out of their a**, I will buy Steve his legs, too."

After chatting to Davina and reuniting with John James on stage for a brief kiss, Josie returned to the compound to take part in the 'Ultimate Big Brother' series.

After his eviction, runner-up Dave told an excitable Davina that he was delighted to have done so well in the competition.

He said: "I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed to be in the final, let alone the runner up.

"I think the house brought out a side to me that I didn't know I had!"

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