Housemates ponder 'strange' Big Brother

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  • 24 August 2010
Big Brother housemate Mario

Big Brother housemate Mario

'Big Brother' housemate Mario admits he thinks the show has been the ''strangest'' thing he has ever done in his life - apart from being born

Mario thinks 'Big Brother' has been the "strangest" thing he's ever done.

The unemployed fashion designer - who first entered the house as a Mole, dressed in a furry costume and doing secret tasks for Big Brother - has loved his time in the compound but admits his birth is the only event in his life which has been more bizarre.

Chatting to his fellow finalists Josie, Dave, JJ and Andrew as they packed their belongings, he said: "Possibly one of the best and strangest experiences of my life. Apart from being born."

Josie has also been having odd experiences as she prepares for the finale tonight (24.08.10), and admits she felt like the walls were closing in on her as she tried to sleep last night.

She explained: "I don't know if this was because I knew I was leaving, but last night the walls kept coming in and I kept seeing dark shadows like in the film 'Ghost'."

The blonde housemate - who is the last remaining female contestant - is afraid of leaving the compound, because she is worried about running into her house boyfriend John James' mother in case she blamed her for her son's changing moods.

She said: "Every time the f***er wanted to leave or when he cried it was always because of me."

However, she quickly changed her mind, and admitted she would love to meet up with John James' mum Helena.

She added: "I regret the way I answered that question - of course I want to meet his mum!"

As the group prepared for tonight's show - which will see the end of the current series, and the beginning of the 'Ultimate Big Brother' programme - they pondered about what exactly will happen to them over the next few hours.

JJ sighed: "Today's going to take so long, isn't it?"

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