Confusing BNTM judge Elle Macpherson

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  • 24 August 2010
BNTM contestant Kirsty Parsons

BNTM contestant Kirsty Parsons

'Britain's Next Top Model' Kirsty Parsons admits she ''didn't understand'' supermodel-and-judge Elle Macpherson during the show, and was disappointed she wasn't around more

'Britain's Next Top Model's Kirsty Parsons "didn't understand" Elle Macpherson.

The TV beauty - who was booted off the modelling search show last night (24.08.10) - was "disappointed" with the limited amount of feedback and advice given to her by the supermodel, who judges and hosts the Living programme.

She said: "We just didn't see Elle really. Compared to how much you see of her on the show, we didn't see much of her. I expected to see a lot more of her. Was I disappointed? Yes.

"We had one-to-ones that didn't make the cut. During that, she told me I p**s everyone off. I wasn't crying when I spoke to Elle, but I just felt like she didn't understand. She was telling me to focus on myself, but I was doing nothing but focussing on myself. I didn't understand what she was saying, because the girls were so nice to my face."

The 22-year-old hopeful claims she was left frustrated because she believes Elle must have had plenty of invaluable advice for her.

She said: "To tell me I pee people off and that I should focus on myself, I would have liked her to be around more to understand the competition.

"I just would have liked her to be there a lot more because I feel there's a lot to learn from that woman.

"Some of the girls are really taken by her."

Kirsty found herself in the bottom two after the seven remaining girls were flown to the Folgefonna glacier in Norway, where they posed in tiny outfits made out of water bottles in sub-zero temperatures for an 'Isklar' mineral water.

She added: "My highlight of the show was meeting Julien Macdonald. He was great and told me to stick two fingers up to those who talk about me."

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