Diary of a Bad Lad (3 stars)

Diary of a Bad Lad

(18) 90min
(Safecracker Pictures)

Before you delve into this seedy world of drugs, pornography and prostitution, take heed that it’s not real. Clearly inspired by 1992 faux-documentary Man Bites Dog (also about a fake film crew filming gangsters), director Michael Booth and writer/star Jonathan Williams’ no-budget mockumentary feels so realistic you wouldn’t know the difference if you switched on midway through.

Williams plays the interestingly-named Barry Lick, a suspended college film lecturer who decides to make a movie about Blackburn’s crime scene. Persuading local gangster Tommy Morghen (Joe O’Byrne, excellent) to let him film the various dodgy goings on, it’s not long before Lick is way out of his depth.

Interestingly amoral, intense and unnerving, Diary of a Bad Lad may ultimately be a victim of its budget but is still worth seeking out. Limited extras.

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