Largo Winch: Death Revenge (3 stars)

Largo Winch: Death Revenge

(15) 104min

Made two years ago and released straight to DVD in the UK, this adaptation of the bestselling comic book series by Belgian writer Jean Van Hamme was nevertheless successful enough elsewhere to green light forthcoming sequel The Burma Conspiracy with Sharon Stone. This film introduces the titular hero (played by stand-up comedian Tom Sisley), the orphan son of the founder of a powerful business empire who becomes heir to a fortune when his father is murdered and is subsequently embroiled in an aggressive takeover bid by company woman Kristen Scott Thomas and masterminded by an evil Russian businessman (Karel Roden).

Inspired by Robert Ludlum’s Bourne books and conceived as a Bond-style franchise, Largo Winch plays like a cross between the two. The action’s non-stop, the plot’s full of twists and the locations, from Hong Kong to Bosnia, look lovely. But it’s all a bit sub-Bourne/Bond. Minimal extras.

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