JJ and Josie keen for Ultimate BB

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  • 23 August 2010

JJ and Josie

JJ and Josie admit they would both be keen to appear in 'Ultimate Big Brother' after their current series ends tomorrow (24.08.10)

JJ and Josie are both desperate to take part in 'Ultimate Big Brother'.

The boxer and the sales rep - who are set to compete in the live final of 'Big Brother' tomorrow (24.08.10) - have been discussing whether or not they would return to the compound for the two-week special, as required of the winner of the current series.

'Ultimate Big Brother' is set to launch tomorrow evening, shortly after the winner of the final 'Big Brother' is crowned. The new series will include various memorable housemates from series one to 11, as well as 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestants.

Josie asked JJ: "If you went out, would you want to come back in?"

He replied that even though he expects it to be strange, he would "still come back, though."

Josie added: "You wouldn't get bored because you'd have new people and that."

He replied: "Yeah, it would be awesome."

However, the pair are seem confused about when the next series would begin, apparently believing it kicks off on Friday (27.08.10) and not straight after tomorrow's final.

While the pair discussed their future on the show, Dave and Mario have been remising back over the past few weeks.

David said: "It's pretty major. No matter how much you try and forget about the cameras; that intensity is always there.

"I needed everything that was me to be melted down. Now I can't wait to go out."

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