Tom Lister doesn't see Emmerdale future

'Emmerdale's Tom Lister has revealed while he enjoys being a part of the hit ITV1 soap, he can't see himself playing the role of Carl King forever

Tom Lister

Tom Lister

Tom Lister doesn't plan on being in 'Emmerdale' forever.

The actor - who plays Carl King in the hit ITV1 soap - enjoys being a part of the show, but hopes to have moved onto a differing role within the next 10 years.

He explained: "In 10 years, I'd like to be working and busy. I've got lots of ambitions and I'd love to have had more experiences and different roles. I love being in 'Emmerdale' but perhaps I might go away and do something else for a bit."

The soap star - who joined the cast of the popular drama in 2004 - also revealed he was tempted by a career as a teacher.

He added: "If I wasn't an actor I'd probably be a teacher. But my wife's a teacher and I see all the stress involved. I just get to play for a living. I also like the thought of being a doctor, but maybe that's just because I really like 'ER'.

"When I was a child I wanted to be a geography teacher. But then I did A-level geography and realised how boring it was!"


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