The Stig named?

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  • 23 August 2010
The Stig named?

The Stig named?

'Top Gear' driver The Stig has been revealed as American Speedway champion Ben Collins

The Stig has been unmasked.

The 'Top Gear' stalwart is reported to be former American Speedway driver Ben Collins, a 35-year-old Bristol-based stuntman who once appeared in James Bond film 'Quantum of Solace'.

Accounts for his firm Collins Autosport reveal he set up a long-term relationship with the BBC car show in 2003 - when the mysterious car-driving character first appeared on screen.

When questioned about the revelations, Ben told the Daily Mirror: "I can't speak to you, I'm going into a tunnel."

The BBC also refused to confirm if he was the mystery driver - who is never seen without his helmet on.

A spokesperson commented: "There is nothing to be read into these company documents. We won't be staying who or what The Stig is."

Last week, it was reported the BBC were trying to stop the driver from releasing an autobiography about his life, revealing himself to the world.

A source at the channel told the Daily Mail: "he BBC is in a legal dispute over the publication of a book relating to 'Top Gear' as this breaches agreed contractual and confidentiality obligations relating to the show.

"This is absolutely about confidentiality. These are such unusual circumstances because he is anonymous."

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