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  • 23 August 2010
Simon Cowell

X Factor judge Simon Cowell

'X Factor' bosses have admitted to faking the ITV1 show - by using Auto-Tune technology to make singers' voices sound better

'X Factor' bosses have admitted using auto-tune technology to make contestants' voices sound better.

The hit ITV1 series has been criticised after TV executives admitted to using sound-altering equipment to disguise mistakes in vocals on the series' opening night on Saturday (21.08.10) - which pulled in over 12 million viewers.

They had used a process called Auto-Tuning - which has previously been used on singers including Cher and Paris Hilton - to correct notes if singers stray off-key.

Despite admitting to using the process, bosses are adamant decisions made by judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue's replacement guest judges, were based on the live audition and not the edited vocals.

A spokesman added: "Sound is edited and dubbed into a finished programme to deliver the most entertaining experience for viewers."

Suspicions were first raised when Zimbabwean contestant Gamu Nhengu's voice significantly changed in the preview tapes shown last week, compared to her performance of 'Walking on Sunshine' in auditions.

Hopeful Shirlena Johnson - who performed an eccentric version of Duffy's Mercy - and 'G and S' star Caroline also seemingly improved over night.

Furious fans started flooding the show's website with complaints Auto-Tune had been used, following Gamu's performance.

One user, named Robhayes, wrote: "Absolutely disgusting use of..autotune...does X-Factor really think we are idiots? (sic)"

Smstrat91 added: "Cannot believe they autotuned her, listen to the words 'door' and 'telephone' and its very clear. She's so good as well, but obviously the producers of xfactor didnt think she was good enough.(sic)"

Despite the possibility her vocals were altered, eccentric hopeful Shirlena admits she sounds "possessed" when she sings anyway.

She said: "I know that whenever I perform I end up doing something else, it's like something else comes over me and I feel like I'm possessed, I'm definitely possessed with something."

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