Pajama Men

Pajama Men

Given such a late start, it might not be just Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen who turn up in their jimmy-jams. The Last Stand to Reason is a reprise of their full-run hit of 2009, and is a must-see for those not acquainted with the New Mexico duo’s hilarious brand of physical character comedy. Expect a treat of human sound effects and weird voices, eschewed faces and bits of speeded-up speech and majestic slo-mo as you are taken on a train ride to nowhere with lecherous old men, fast-talking spinsters, a mad magician and a growling gangster.

Assembly Hall, 623 3030, 27 & 28 Aug, midnight, £17 (£15).

Pajama Men: The Last Stand To Reason

'Did you miss the Pajama Men? Then you f*#%ed up!' says Time Out, Sydney. Now, after a sold-out world tour and becoming the highest selling show ever at London's Soho Theatre, the Pajama Men are back! 'Best comedy' award winners at Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals and Times 'double act of the year!' Scotsman calls…

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