The New Pornographers set for UK tour

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  • 22 August 2010
The New Pornographers set for UK tour

Vancouver indie-rockers still saviours of guitar pop

Their last album, Together, featuring vocals from Neko Case, got a pretty even mix of red-hot and lukewarm reviews. Either the Vancouver indie-rockers were being hailed as the saviours of guitar pop, delivering a career-cementing return-to-form, or they were damned with faint praise for being unimaginative, and going over old ground. Decide for yourselves, discerning reader …

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Tue 7 Sep.

The New Pornographers and Freelance Whales

Over-14s show. Vancouver indie supergroup, featuring vocalist Neko Case, Zumpano frontman Carl Newman and Dan Bejar of Destroyer.

The New Pornographers

Power pop and indie rock from the Vancouver band.