Josie struggling without John James

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 August 2010


'Big Brother' finalist Josie is struggling to cope in the house since her love interest John James was evicted on Friday (20.08.10)

Josie can't cope without John James.

Pretty Bristolian Josie is finding the 'Big Brother' house "horrific" ever since the hunky Australian was evicted on Friday (20.08.10).

John James was one of four contestants to be evicted leaving a distraught Josie to battle it out with Mario, Andrew and Dave for the chance to win the final ever series.

Comparing missing John James to fellow housemate Dave missing his wife, she said: "You've been here without your bloody wife, while I have one day without John James. What you must have gone through in here is bloody horrific.

"I don't feel lonely. When you spend that amount of time with someone nearly every minute of the day, it makes you feel a bit empty."

Yet a worried Josie admitted she wasn't sure if their relationship would work once the series has ended.

She fretted: "He might not like me now. But I'd move anywhere for him. I'd move to bloody Iraq!"

However, Josie was annoyed that John James called out for JJ when he left the house and not her.

She said: "I'm glad they're having a good time, I don't feel so bad now, p***k."

Meanwhile, John James has admitted he is in love with Josie.

Asked after his eviction if he had fallen for his former housemate he said: "Yeah, I think I have. We'll see what happens. The problem with being in 'Big Brother' is that you don't know whether it is real. Josie can come out of the house and feel totally different, but I'll just have to wait."

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