Dave predicted 'Big Brother' flood

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 August 2010


Dave says spirits helped him foresee the flood in the 'Big Brother' house last week

Dave foresaw the 'Big Brother' flood.

The minister revealed to Mario he knew the house would be flooded last week and regrets not warning anyone before the house had to be evacuated.

He said: "I messed up in here, I knew there was going to be a flood, I didn't think we were gonna be flooded."

All nine contestants were forced to leave the house and go to a nearby hotel after the freak storm led to severe flooding in certain parts of the house.

Dave said: "I was going to go to the Diary Room and say, 'I think there's going to be some flash floods.' That's what I felt like. I thought, 'Should I go into the Diary Room and say something?' And then I didn't."

Dave - who will fight it out with JJ, Josie and Mario to be crowned the winner of the final ever series of 'Big Brother' - also revealed God had helped him cope during his time in the house.

He said: "What is wrong - sadness and oppression and depression. God doesn't want people sad dude, he doesn't want people sad or depressed. Whenever he touches me I just get overwhelmed with supernatural joy."

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