John James discusses Josie romance

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  • 21 August 2010

John James

John James told 'Big Brother' host Davina McCall his feelings for Josie are real, and that he will prove it to the world when she is evicted from the show

John James told Davina McCall his feelings for Josie are real - and he'll move to England to be with her.

The Australian hunk - who was evicted from the Channel 4 compound last night (20.08.10) in an evening which saw four housemates get the boot - confirmed to the show's host their relationship was completely real, and he hopes they can try and make it work in the outside world too.

He said: "You'll see when she gets out that everything I said was real."

The blonde former contestant added that he liked "everything" about the outspoken sales rep.

However, Davina was adamant John James would need to work on his anger if he wanted to have a future with Josie.

She told him: "If you could reign that in I'd let you marry Josie!"

John James' anger had got him in trouble during his stay in the house, and he continually clashed with fellow evictee Corin.

After her eviction last night, she said: "He's the most arrogant and rude man I've ever met. For the whole two months we've been in there I've tried to avoid him."

However, newcomer Sam - who was the third to leave yesterday - got scolded by the host for being mean to Corin inside, and teasing her by hiding her hair extensions.

He laughed to Davina: "I just felt like winding someone up. Everyone else had gone who was gonna give a good reaction so I thought Corin, you know with the wigs.

"I was scared of Steve. He's got a military background and I think he'd give me a good one-two if I step out of line."

Steve was the first to go yesterday, but received a huge cheer from housemates and the crowd outside.

Davina told him he should be thrilled, because "Literally the whole series we haven't had a cheer like that."

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