Apples (3 stars)


Council estate reinvention of Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve, in this council estate reinvention of the myth, are two teens struggling (with four friends) to survive their sex, drug and violence-heavy environment. A series of rites of passage, from unwanted babies begat from equally unwelcome sexual encounters to drug fuelled punch-ups, represent obstacles in the path to adulthood. Richard Milward’s text breaks no new ground in the genre, but leads Therase Neve and Scott Turnbull bring compelling performances to the piece.

Traverse @ St Stephen’s, 228 1404, until 28 Aug, 4pm, £17–£19 (£12–£13).


  • 3 stars

The first stage-adaptation of Richard Milward’s remarkable debut novel. Shameless, ruthless and intensely poetic, ‘Apples’ is a dazzling, tragicomic love story of adolescence. Enter the chaotic world of Adam & Eve – it’s a very different Eden. ‘The drugs, the sex, the boozing … it all smacks beautifully of the real thing…

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