Mogwai - Special Moves/Burning (4 stars)

Mogwai - Special Moves/Burning

Live CD/DVD package from the group at their live best

(Rock Action)

This live CD/DVD package bears one very real disadvantage. No matter how good the surround sound quality of your television or stereo, you’re never quite going to get close enough to the raw emotional power of this group at their live best. It’s more of an aide memoire to those who know and love their show already, and as close to a greatest hits as you can expect to see from their six-album-to-date career.

So on its own terms this is still a great package, with live staples like ‘Hunted By a Freak’, ‘Mogwai Fear Satan’, ‘Like Herod’ and ‘Glasgow Megasnake’ all collected together on one 11-track live CD, with Vincent Moon and Nataniel La Souanec’s Brooklyn-shot Burning film adding an atmospheric visual element.

The next best thing to being there, and that’s good enough.