Mika makes music for fans

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 August 2010


Mika doesn't care if people don't like his music as it is ''not meant'' for people who don't understand it

Mika's music is not meant for people who don't understand it.

The 'Rain' singer doesn't worry about impressing people who aren't already fans because he knows the songs he produces don't fit in to typical genres.

The 26-year-old pop star explained: "If you don't understand my music it's obviously not meant for you. My music is not calculated. It is a product of circumstance.

"It might appeal to you because of the life you've had or because you relate to the stories. But my music is not fashion. It's not sound. It's not scene. I was never accepted into a scene. I tried! And I would have liked it! But I can't and I just don't know how to do it. I don't know how to make any other type of music than the music I make."

The singer - whose real name is Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. - also admits he wasn't surprised when he revealed he was bisexual that no one seemed to care.

He explained: "Look, I've always said I can fall in love with a man. I can fall in love with a woman. And I've always said that I have no shame in that. And I don't think there was any negative reaction to what I said coming out as bisexual.

"In fact I don't think there was any reaction - I don't think anyone was surprised whatsoever. I don't think anyone gives a s**t. I think people just want me to have a label."

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