'Disrespectful' John James

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  • 20 August 2010
John James

John James

John James insists he wasn't deliberately rude to Rachael - he is just ''disrespectful to everyone''

John James thinks he is "disrespectful" to "everyone".

The Australian housemate - who threatened to leave the Big Brother house after a row with visiting former contestant Rachael - insisted he hadn't deliberately tried to upset the Beyonce Knowles lookalike, it is just his normal attitude to other people.

He explained: "I wouldn't speak to her. I don't go out of my way to upset anyone - as much as people think.

"I don't think I'm disrespectful towards women, I think I'm just disrespectful towards everyone.

"It's not women, it's whoever upsets me in general. I think women tend to upset me more than men, that's something I've noticed in here. I'm not sexist or anything like that."

The former bodybuilder maintains he was set up by Big Brother and is so furious, he has told his housemates he won't give an exit interview once he leaves the compound.

He said: "They have f**ked me off. They have done everything in their power, they want me here.

"You should have seen them last night, they want me in here more than anything. That's why they gave me phone calls and stuff.

"They did the immature thing and bit back at a housemate because they didn't have control of me they f**ked me. They got to me the best way they could.

"I've got one more chance to not give them what they want... They want to interview me, they do - they know they're going to get publicity from me, they do. They're using me."

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