Klaxons - Surfing the Void (3 stars)

Klaxons - Surfing the Void


But is it really New Rave? After all, that was just a joke someone cracked in an interview, right? So what The New Wave of New Rave leaves us with is more screeching, snotty-nosed pop with oblique sci-fi references and (this is a stretch) a bit more guitars than before.

It’s no better than Myths of the Near Future, and worse in the very real sense that the element of surprise has gone. Comeback track ‘Flashover’, ‘The Same Space’ and ‘Echoes’ elaborate all that’s still good yet most problematic about Klaxons – you just know they sound great live, but these aren’t stunningly individual pop song exemplars.

A few stand-out points, including the frantic, heavy ‘Cypherspeed’ and ‘Venusia’s irresistible 80s chorus, offer respite from the overall okayness, if not quite a full redemption.


Mercury Prize-winners with a blaring ravey indie sound.

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