R-P-Z at Stereo

R-P-Z at Stereo

No sooner has Glasgow’s long-running Art School Thursday nighter R-P-Z closed than it’s back in a brand new monthly incarnation for a new venue. ‘The main reason it’s moved is that my DJing partner Bonjour Boi [aka Tom Straughan] has moved to Stockholm to be with his girlfriend,’ says Alan Miller, aka R-P-Z resident Hushpuppy. ‘I’ve been DJing with him for four and a half years now and I didn’t want to get someone totally new in, so this way he can travel back once a month and we can try out a new space, which gives us a chance to rethink things musically and visually.’

Although the pair will be teaming up with ubiquitous club visual provider Joe Crogan as the third member of their team at the new night, the fact its name isn’t changing suggests Miller and Straughan predict business as usual otherwise. After all, Miller started out DJing at the Art School’s Divine and then ran a bunch of nights at the same venue, changing the name every time it got stale. Abnormals Anonymous and Record Playerz were both his, but he reckons it was time to get R-P-Z out before planned refurbishment closes the Vic Bar next summer anyway.

‘One more reason we’re doing it,’ he says, ‘is so that our friends can come along at the weekend, it’s a big ask for people to give up their Friday. It won’t be too different from what we were doing before, though – a lot of disco, a lot of Italo, occasionally harder acts like Justice or The Presets, and more and more a bit of high-NRG.’

Stereo, Glasgow, Sat 28 Aug.


Residents Hushpuppy and Bonjour Boi promise a blend of electro, Italo disco, punk-funk and 'wrong sounds a-plenty' at this new monthly residency, with visuals from Joe Crogan. This month will be a special one-off event dedicated to cosmic disco, space-concept rock and galactic boogie which will boldly go where no club has…

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