The Darkness (4 stars)

The Darkness


Kids are invariably scared of the dark; they fear the unknown, the unseen things lurking in the shadows. Now with The Darkness we see they might have a point. Players assume the role of ultimate anti-hero Jackie Estacado, a mob hitman with the demonic powers of the Darkness at his beck and call. A creeping evil manifested as flesh, tendrils spring from your back with tentacles and gibbering mouths calling for blood, death and destruction. You also have your Darklings, minions that do your bidding, be it kamikaze suicide bombing missions or laying down suppressing fire. The main twist being that you derive your power from the shadows, so you spend as much time shooting out lights as you do the enemies you encounter.

The FPS market is already overflowing and while not wholly original your need for the dark adds a subtle twist and the hellish powers you can unleash are joyously destructive. Add to that exceptional, clean crisp graphics so evocative of its gritty comic book origins and an amazingly involving story. The source material gives it depth and the voice acting is exemplary. Deliciously brutal, blackly comic and totally engaging. (Henry Northmore)

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