Steve's visited by Titan

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  • 19 August 2010


'Big Brother' housemate Steve was visited by robot Titan in the house today, and was given a very difficult decision to make regarding nominations

Titan returned to the 'Big Brother' house this afternoon (19.08.10) - seeking revenge on Steve.

The robot - which came into the house early last month for a futuristic challenge - re-entered the compound earlier today to visit the former serviceman and give him a tricky dilemma, as part of this week's shopping task with Bob Righter.

The robot told Steve - who has nicknamed himself 'The Baron' - to choose between either hearing all the nominations made against him or having his nominations played to the group.

A spokesperson revealed: "Steve chose to hear the nominations housemates had made against him. He entered the task room to be greeted by Titan who repeated back past nominations including Josie saying Steve is 'too bossy', Mario saying he 'leers at women', and Andrew saying he finds him 'intimidating'."

As part of a previous task, Steve beat the giant robot in an egg-whisking competition and Titan was apparently keen to seek revenge.

Steve has spent this afternoon monitoring Bob Righter's mysterious briefcase, as needed to pass this week's shopping task.

Housemates must make sure the bag is being protected and watched at all times until the task ends.

The official 'Big Brother' website wrote: "The Baron has taken up his post on the bench in the Carousel, remaining eagle eyed and with the patience of a saint to ensure he completes a successful mission."

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