Labels of love - Phuturelabs

Labels of love - Phuturelabs

What started as an electronic music blog has now become a record label. Paul Reset, founding member of Phuturelabs, explains more.

What is Phuturelabs?
Phuturelabs was originally a name myself and a friend used for some music we wrote at the end of the 90s. Last year we decided to bring the name back to life – this time as an electronic music magazine type blog, which has now developed into a record label.

How do the blog and the label tie together?
They go hand in hand. On the blog we feature music we like and always try to cover new and interesting music and artists – the same ethos as the label. All Phuturelabs releases will be available to download for free on the site.

What’s it like for independent labels these days?
The explosion of the digital download has enabled smaller labels to get their music out there in a much quicker and cheaper way. The modern world has been a great thing for music.

What’s Phuturelab’s first release going to be?

We have an artist called Wira whose identity is a little on the mysterious side. We received a package one day – a label-less DAT tape in a jiffy bag with no postmark. Inside was the tape, a small lock of ginger hair and a distinct smell of salt ‘n’ sauce. All that matters is that the music is brilliant – first track ‘Vloeitjes’ is driven along by a shuffly break reminiscent of classic garage, and enough space and atmosphere to create an eerie 4AM vibe. Communication between Wira and ourselves has consisted of short email blasts, but we are ensured that his identity will be revealed upon release!

Vloeitjes will be released on on Mon 13 Sep. There will also be a Phuturelabs launch night at The Ivy, Glasgow, Fri 17 Sep, featuring live performances from Kev Sim (FOUND) and S-Type.

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