Tanya Franks defends EastEnders storyline

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  • 19 August 2010
Phil Mitchell

Steve McFadden's controversial storyline defended by co-star

'EastEnders' actress Tanya Franks - who plays crack cocaine addict Rainie Cross - has defended the show's current drugs storyline, saying it could save someone's life

Tanya Franks thinks 'EastEnders' controversial crack cocaine storyline could save someone's life.

The actress - who plays drug addict Rainie Cross- claims the BBC1 soap has a duty to reflect "everyday life", which means showing both the highs and lows of people's lives, but admits she isn't surprised viewers complained about Phil Mitchell's (Steve McFadden) descent into substance dependency..

She told The Sun newspaper: "I wasn't surprised that people complained because it's pushed a boundary.

"But in my opinion, the good that comes from storylines like this far outweighs whatever concerns people might have.

"It's been very well handled and as true and real as it could be before the watershed. They've been very brave with it and I give full credit to 'EastEnders' for that."

"For all the complaints there will be a lot of people who've been helped and seen the helpline information.

"If EastEnders has saved one life by putting this story out it's been worth it."

TV bosses had worked closely with drug and alcohol charities including Addaction and DrugScope in creating the storyline.

And in the run-up to the episodes, 'EastEnders' was praised by drugs charities for wanting to show how addiction can destroy people's lives.

DrugScope's chief executive Martin Barnes said: "If 'EastEnders' sensitively reflect the impact that drug use has on Phil, it could help."

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