James Blackshaw - All Is Falling (4 stars)

James Blackshaw - All Is Falling

Virtuoso guitarist's ninth album sees him move to electric twelve-string

(Young God)

He’s banished the acoustic twelve-string! Fear thee not, however. London’s virtuosic James Blackshaw may have (temporarily) hung up his signature instrument, but he remains a spellbinding figure throughout his ninth long-player.

Exploring the increased technical range of a slimmer-necked electric twelve-string (nimbler playing; more intricate finger-positions), Blackshaw further embellishes his typically dramatic mantras with piano, flute and violins (amongst others). The result is less loose American Primitive (Fahey / Basho); more structured contemporary classical (Nyman / Reich). It works very well.

Track titles are also revoked, but no matter: Blackshaw’s expressive melodic narratives, minimalist cycles and Romantic mantras speak for themselves.

Supersonic Festival

  • 4 stars

A live music extravaganza featuring Godflesh, Swans, Hallogallo, Napalm Death, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Bong, Cave, Demons, Dosh, Eagle Twin, Gnaw, Gnod, James Blackshaw, Lichens, Melt Banana and many more.

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